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We are no longer accepting applications at this time. If you submitted an application, we will follow up with you soon. Thank you!

Thank you for your interest in our available Dragon Snakes.

The Dragon Snakes we are making available are all male wild caught imports that have been established in captivity with us for at least 2 years. The staple of their diet is composed of tadpoles and frogs. They are also being fed guppies, but due to their strong preference for amphibious prey, I would like them to go to homes that are willing and able to provide them with tadpoles and frogs as a staple dietary item. They will be $800.00 + shipping each since they have been very well established with us here.


Due to their more advanced requirements, I would like to ask a few questions regarding your experience as a reptile keeper. We have put a lot of time, energy and love into our Dragon Snakes and want to ensure that they are going to homes that are capable of fulfilling all of their needs so that they are able to thrive in their new environment. 


Please understand that we have already received over one hundred inquiries and we only have six Dragon Snakes that we will be selling. With that said, due to the high demand and very low availability, there will be many accomplished, smart and experienced keepers that may not end up with a Dragon Snake simply because we do not have nearly enough to offer. However, we will be saving the contact information of these keepers so that we may reach out again when we have captive bred offspring to sell.

Due to their high sensitivity to heat, we will not be shipping Dragon Snakes to their new homes until the end of October at the earliest. Therefore, we will be accepting applications until October 1st. You will receive a response from us shortly after the submission deadline.

Thank you all so much for your support, we couldn't do this without you!


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