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Feeding Dragon Snakes

Feeding Dragon snakes is very straight-forward as long as they have settled in well. In the wild, their diet primarily consists of tadpoles, frogs and small fish. I have had the most success feeding tree frog tadpoles and developed adults. You can find tree frog tadpoles from various suppliers on eBay. I raise all frogs from tadpoles so that I may more easily treat for parasites. Smaller imports will be of size to take medium - large sized tree frog tadpoles, which are easily offered by placing 3-5 tadpoles in the water dish every five days. You will want to keep the water in the dish as shallow as possible, allowing only enough water for the tadpoles to comfortably swim, otherwise they will jump out.

Larger imports should be fed developed tree frogs, although they are a bit more difficult for them to hunt because they will often find a comfortable spot at the top of the enclosure nestled right where the lip of lid meets the bin. This can present a bit of a challenge for Dragon snakes since they prefer to stay within the confines of their hide or underground. However, being that developed frogs are significantly larger in size and thus more nutritious, I recommend switching over to developed tree frogs once you are able to establish your Dragon Snake on tadpoles. However, if you are not successful in switching over to developed tree frogs, feeding 5-7 large tadpoles each week is fine. Remember that I also treat each group of tadpoles for parasites a week prior to feeding them off. You can use Metronidazole for treating your tadpoles. I add 12 grams of Metronidazole per every 5 cups of water they are in. After crushing the tablet, use a high precision scale that measures in milligrams to measure out the correct ratio. Please reach out to your veterinarian if you are unsure on how to calculate the proper ratio.

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