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Possibly Gravid Dragon Snake!

Our pairings of Xenodermus javanicus may have been a success! After having paired one of our females with a suitable male at the beginning of November, I recently began noticing some major signs that indicate she may be gravid. To avoid possibly compromising their willingness to breed, I did not want to disturb them for viewing purposes and thus did not witness copulation; however, I did catch a glimpse of what I believe to be breeding behavior. Although my view was a bit obscured since both the male and female were under a hide, I clearly saw the male rub against the female rather sporadically, narrowing in near her tail and then back up her body again (as you often see with various other species of snakes). They spent their time curled up with each other the entire time, until the last couple weeks – the female and male have been keeping themselves separate lately, which leads me to believe the female is rejecting the male after successful copulation. She has been looking exceptionally plump lately, and I am anxious to see rather my suspicions are correct! Time will tell. I will keep the threads updated with results.

Ft. the possibly gravid female! Hydra (female) x Toothless (male) pairing.

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