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This handsome guy is Bartleby. He is incredibly friendly and docile and is used to being handled on a regular basis. We find that these snakes are one of the best beginner snakes. Their simple care and medium size are similar to that of a corn snake, but unlike cornsnakes, trans-pecos rat snakes are generally more calm and therefore easier to handle (as opposed to the flighty and nervous demeanor common among young cornsnakes). Bartleby is currently eating one medium mouse every 7 days.


We are selling the majority of our snakes after making the decision to move forward from breeding and shift our focus to education, field research and other business endeavors.

If you have any questions regarding our available animals, please contact us via email at


Price does not include the cost of shipping. Please send us a message with your zipcode to calculate shipping costs and arrange a shipping date. All sales are subject to our Terms of Service.


2020 Male Axanthic Blonde Trans-Pecos Ratsnake

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