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This stunning girl is Katniss. While she failed archery school (you know, the lack of limbs and all), she excells in other areas that thwart those who compete against her in the Hunger Games. Well, until she actually becomes hungry. Then she doesn't play any games. You can try and find that out the hard way, but I wouldn't recommend it. She's a little snake with big motivations, and that may include accepting your pinky fingers as a peace offering. Keeper discretion is advised.

The fictional story above is written for the sole purpose of reflecting the personalities of our snakes in a creative manner and should not be taken seriously.

All animals ship free!

Katniss | 2023 Female Mexican Black Kingsnake

    • Keep her fed and she will be a total sweetheart. Miss a meal and expect total mass destruction of the entire planet. There is no in between.
    • Does not actually play any games when hungry
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