Terms of Service

Winter weather advisory

Michigan is quite frigid this time of year, which means you may have to wait a few weeks until we can send our snakes to their new homes. If you purchase an animal from us while the ice thaws, we will continue to take great care of them in the meantime and contact you as soon as the next shipping window becomes available. These protocols are put into place to ensure the safety of our animals and we thank you for your understanding.


Due to the pandemic, FedEx is experiencing shipping delays as a result of staff shortages and increased volume from online purchases. To ensure the safety of our animals, we will only be shipping to approved FedEx hub locations until further notice. If you do not know the location of an approved FedEx hub address near you, please contact us with your zip code and we will provide you with information on your nearest FedEx hub.


We offer a Live Arrival Guarantee upon first delivery attempt. This guarantee ensures the health and safety of your animal at the time of arrival. Please read below under "Policies and Guarantees" for more information.

Shipping is provided through Ship Your Reptiles via FedEx Priority Overnight to your door*. If you would like to have your animal delivered to your nearest FedEx hub location, please provide the FedEx hub address when discussing shipping arrangements. Buyer must be present upon first delivery attempt, or Live Arrival Guarantee outlined below is void. While rare, delays due to the carrier may occur, of which we are not held responsible. If your snake is DOA (Dead on Arrival), you must contact us within one hour of delivery, otherwise Live Arrival Guarantee is void. Any other issues must be communicated within 72 hours of delivery.

Our normal weekly shipping days are Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, not including holidays. We will not ship if we are notified that FedEx is experiencing delays in their deliveries for any reason. 

We do not ship animals if temperatures will be below 35°F or above 90°F at any point along the shipping route. The animal's best interests always come first, and we will not make any exceptions that compromise their health and/or safety.

*Home delivery is currently suspended until further notice. See "COVID-19 UPDATE" for more details.


We accept PayPal, most credit cards, and money orders. Payment must be received in full prior to shipping.
Payment plans are available. Contact us to discuss details regarding a personalized plan that works best for you.
Upon request, we will place an animal on hold for a specified amount of time in return for a non-refundable deposit.


We offer a Live Arrival Guarantee for all shipments upon the first delivery attempt. This guarantee ensures that your animal will arrive alive and in good health upon arrival. Buyer must be present upon first delivery attempt, or Live Arrival Guarantee is void. In the event that your animal is DOA (Dead on Arrival), you must contact us within one hour of delivery, otherwise Live Arrival Guarantee is void. All DOAs must be confirmed with photo evidence for a refund to be issued. Any and all other health concerns regarding your animal must be communicated within the first 72 hours of delivery, or Live Arrival Guarantee is void. We are not responsible for carrier delays or mishandling resulting in DOAs.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding your new companion, we are always happy to help. You may contact us at any time, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Email or text is preferred.

Email: info@creaturesofnightshade.com

Phone: (989) 545-0595

How do I purchase an animal?
If you are interested in purchasing an animal from us, simply send us a message using the contact information provided above. Please include the name of the animal you are inquiring about as well as your zip code to calculate shipping costs. 

When and where are you able to ship my animal?
We ship within the continental United States year-round, weather permitting. Shipping dates are open Monday - Wednesday every week. Exact shipping dates will be discussed when you inquire about an animal.

Is shipping a reptile really safe?
We hear this question a lot, and we understand why. Nobody wants anything happening to their animal during the shipping process. Luckily, shipping reptiles isn't like shipping that late birthday present to your grandmas condo across the country. Your animal will be packed securely in insulated packaging to keep them as safe and comfortable as possible during their trip. The package is also labeled "Live Harmless Reptiles" so the FedEx agents are aware of what is inside. Most of them are very considerate and take care when handling live animal shipments. While delays do happen on occasion, we have never had a delay longer than one day, nor have we  ever had a DOA (Dead on Arrival). That said, your snake will likely be stressed from their travels, so be sure to leave them be in their enclosure for a while to allow them to settle in before interacting with them.

Do you have waiting lists for your animals?
We will occasionally open a waiting list for certain high-demand animals. We do not start waiting lists for any animal until a healthy clutch or litter has been produced. When a waiting list has been opened, we will post it to our website for our customers to sign up for it. If there are no waiting lists available, then we do not have any opened at the time.

Frequently Asked Questions