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This handsome fella is 47. He is very friendly and easy to handle, but if he is startled and hungry, his inner kingsnake may come out and accidentally mistake you for food – so we recommend keeping him happy and full! He is currently eating one medium mouse every 7 days. He has sired beautiful clutches for us and would be excellent as either a family companion or breeder. He was produced by Tom Harold of TKC Reptiles.


We are selling the majority of our snakes after making the decision to move forward from breeding and shift our focus to education, field research and other business endeavors.


If you have any questions regarding our available animals, please contact us via email at


Price does not include the cost of shipping. Please send us a message with your zipcode to calculate shipping costs and arrange a shipping date. All sales are subject to our Terms of Service.

2019 Male Banded California Kingsnake (Proven Breeder)

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