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This stunning girl is Olive. She is a little timid when she is initially handled, but she settles right down after being handled for a minute or two. She is currently eating a varied diet composed of small fuzzy mice, XS quail and silversides, with mice being the primary dietary item offered. 


Blacktail cribos develop wonderful personalities and are known to have unique bonds with their keepers. They are highly intelligent snakes, and enjoy interacting with their environment in various ways.


To ensure Olive is kept in a spacious, enriching environment, we will ask questions about your planned setup prior to purchase. We are very passionate about this species and want to find the best homes for them. We thank you for your understanding in advance.


Price does not include the cost of shipping. Please send us a message with your zipcode to calculate shipping costs and arrange a shipping date. All sales are subject to our Terms of Service.


2022 Female Blacktail Cribo

  • Female

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