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This feisty girl is Ronda Rousey. If you don't know who Ronda Rousey actually is, you'll get a good idea when you bring home this bundle of spunk. She's fierce, competitive, and will take on anybody. Humans, badgers, bears, aliens, the very galaxy itself, she doesn't care. If it exists, she WILL fight it, even if it isn't alive. Oh, you think you can just put a water bowl in here? FIGHT ME. What is this, fresh substrate? YOU'RE GOING DOWN. Everything is a challenge for Ronda. Don't underestimate her.

The fictional story above is written for the sole purpose of reflecting the personalities of our snakes in a creative manner and should not be taken seriously.

All animals ship free!

Ronda Rousey | 2023 Female Mexican Black Kingsnake

    • Spunky, confident, fierce and competitive
    • Will fight literally anybody
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